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Love Out Loud is a methodology pioneering the systems of the future. Empowering leaders globally to think about the problems they seek to solve through a compassionate and altruistic lens.

Emotional Health Training for Leaders

Feb 23rd 9am-4pm AEDT

Remember the last time you were so excited about something at work, you actually considered getting up early? No? Well, that’s what we’re aiming for.

Join us for a transformative day led by Nicole Gibson, a beacon of emotional intelligence and community building. From mastering your emotional health to decoding the secrets of your nervous system, you’ll walk away with the tools, insights, and connections to elevate your leadership game.

Our world has become siloed in it's thinking process; with a plummeting attention span, it becomes harder to truly hear one another. Media and thought-leaders preach one side of the coin and information; agenda or bias becoming almost impossible to access.

We wanted to be a solution. Our intent is to expose our community to a myriad of important and cutting edge conversations; without pushing a side. Honest conversations that invite true learning and humanity.

I believe that without extending ourselves by actively listening to one another, especially those we disagree with, we are at risk of becoming far too comfortable and pacified. Throughout history debate has been an imperative to healthy growth and expanding conversations without our society.

Our team are committed to our ever-growing ecosystem of new world leaders who are brave enough to become uncomfortable and genius enough to design new cultures, mental models and systems. It’s the human spirit and creative insight that will drive our planet towards a more compassionate and alturistic future.

If you’ve been looking for us too, make sure you stick around – we’ve got work to do.

With love,

The paradigms we seek to shift

We invite you to embark on a profound paradigm shift that shapes not only how we perceive and navigate life's decisions but also how we lead and influence the world around us.

Imagine swapping out fear and doubt for love-based thinking that fuels your journey, making obstacles seem like speed bumps instead of roadblocks. Picture leading your team with genuine empathy and authenticity, creating a powerhouse where every member thrives.

Think about it – love-based leadership isn’t just about your venture, it’s about changing the world, one collaboration at a time. With us, you’re not just developing a startup, you’re kickstarting a revolution. Fired up to unleash your true potential and blaze a trail for a harmonious and thriving future? Ignite that passion with Love Out Loud.

Love Out Loud is the modern, real world revolution; matching love with intelligence.

To actualise a civilisation of love; we must evolve and grow up a loving and compassionate way of life into divergent system-based thinking and design, that enables entrepreneurial thinkers and risk takers to co-create a new world.

The personal power to have provocative, uncomfortable and truthful conversations; to shatter illusion and allow for what’s morally right to prevail and lay strong foundations for humanities future.

The nuance, finesse and sophistication to articulate the ambiguous elements of the human experience; bringing name to what’s previously been overlooked; allowing humanity to know deeper insight and wisdom.

An end to unsophisticated arguments, violence and unconsciousness. A rise to compassion, greatness and victory for all.

An ecosystem of highly-driven individuals, aware that their state of being drives reality, who are willing to serve a legacy much greater than themselves and create a new way of life for humanity.

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Hello, I'm Nicole Gibson, a passionate entrepreneur and catalyst for industry-wide business and systems innovation. With years of experience in driving growth and creating impact, I'm dedicated to helping ambitious individuals like you unlock your greatest potential and build thriving, scalable, impactful and ground-shaking movements.

As the CEO of Love Out Loud, I've witnessed firsthand the power of visionary thinking and strategic execution. Through this transformative event, I'm committed to equipping you with the tools, insights, and connections you need to propel your business forward and leave a lasting legacy.

Together, let's redefine success, revolutionize entrepreneurship, and forge a path that others will be inspired to follow. Join me on this exhilarating journey of growth and discovery at Exponential Entrepreneurship: Building heart-centered businesses of the future 3-day event.

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