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Bridging fantasy and reality – it’s time to design your new world and make a greater impact in life and business.

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7 - 10 APRIL 2020
11 - 14 June 2020

Why Masterheart?

There’s a crisis in the world right now that needs your attention and love.

Love Out Loud is recruiting the world's top leaders, visionaries, influencers, humanitarians and advocates to create real, transformative change.

If you’ve healed your wounds…

If you’re ready to find like-minded individuals ready to play full-out…

If you’ve got a vision and you know it’s time to actualize it...
Masterheart is for you.

Masterheart is curated and designed to be a powerful network of world-class leaders and influencers, mobilizing a global community of change-makers. You are our allies and curators of this movement. We are relentlessly committed to educating, connecting, and scaling your vision as we bring you with us in an ambitious pursuit of critical mass.

This isn’t your average professional development retreat. This is the real deal.

Masterheart is for leaders who are willing to lead by true example, not just edit their instagrams perfectly. It’s for those who understand that they can only take others to where they’re prepared to go. It’s for those who know TRUE high performance isn’t just staying in the hustle. It’s about the meaningful impact you have on your community.

The Love Out Loud Team is devoted to being responsive and adaptive, ensuring that no matter our global circumstance, we're delivering world class content to you. For this reason, Love Out Loud Has digitized all of our programs to ensure hitting our critical mass point by the end of this year.

Leverage your time in isolation. Now is the time to find your tribe and ignite a global movement

Join this 4-day immersive experience for leaders, change-makers and Love Out Louders who are ready to LOVE IN ACTION and BECOME THE LEADER WE ALL NEED. Bring your biggest challenges in business, leadership, and relationship development. At Masterheart, you’ll learn the actionable strategies and solid foundations you’ll need to become the leader we all need.


Villa Tanah Shanti, Ubud

7-10 April 2020

Ticket Price: $3,500

Excludes accomodation.
Including lunches and refreshments only. Full curriculum, including ceremonies, yoga and breathwork

Masterheart Online

7-10 April 2020

Ticket Price: $895

Usually $3500! Due to change in global circumstances we have moved our programs to an online platform to mobilise Love Out Loud at a time when LOVE is needed the most

Masterheart Online + VIP

7-10 April 2020

Ticket Price: $3390

Usually $8495! Due to change in global circumstances we have moved our programs to an online platform to mobilise Love Out Loud at a time when LOVE is needed the most. We are also offering our 9 week Stay In Love Program at half the usual cost! For more information on the Stay In Love package click here

Gold Coast, Australia

7-10 April 2020

Ticket Price: $3,500

Excludes accomodation.
Including lunches and refreshments only. Full curriculum, including ceremonies, yoga and breathwork

Gold Coast, Australia

11-14 June 2020

Ticket Price: $3,500

Excludes accomodation.
Including lunches and refreshments only. Full curriculum, including ceremonies, yoga and breathwork

6 Reasons Why Leaders Choose Masterheart

1. You’ll Connect To A High-Performing Global Network

At Masterheart, you’ll ignite through conversations, connections, and collaborations with other mission-driven leaders. You’ll meet new partners to collaborate with, new friends who support you on your journey, and new allies who share your vision. And in this co-created, co-facilitated space, you’ll be safe to drop into vulnerability, have intention-driven conversations and accelerate your momentum during this time of isolation.

2. You’ll Uncover & Develop Your True Vision

The Masterheart program is designed to support you in truly meeting yourself as a leader, giving you full permission to drop the mask. You’ll develop your vision, improve your ability to influence and inspire and implement actionable strategies for your business, teams and day-to-day life. You’ll learn how to empower your followers and teams while monetizing your connections in a more meaningful way through flexible leadership and team-building.

3. You’ll Gain Access To World-Class Practitioners

Are you sick of the copy-paste content, program sales, and Facebook Lives that are the same b.s., different day — telling you what to do, how to live, and throwing out unsubstantiated views of leadership? You’ll learn a more meaningful approach to business and leadership, implementable strategies and cutting-edge content at MasterHeart from award-winning Impact Leader Nicole Gibson and her team of teachers.

4. You’ll Leave With An Action Plan

It’s not just talk. By the time you leave, you’ll have a 90-day action plan to live your truth and a community to keep you accountable. Your plan will help you leverage your tangible skills in ways that impact more people. And you’ll become empowered in a global movement that strengthens your position, increases your influence and monetizes your connections in a more meaningful way.

5. You’ll learn to play hard

Less rigidity, more play. At Love Out Loud, we believe in designing online and in-real-life peak experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime. Not only will you leave with more clarity, more community and more momentum than ever before, you’ll also have a blast doing it.

6. You’ll Be At The Forefront Of Shifting Humanity

You’ve probably noticed that people are being immobilized by fear and the media. We are being called to create change NOW. The world needs leaders ready to step into their significance and impact the world in a greater way. Any limitations and fears you have — Masterheart is where you will transcend them. The world needs who you are, your message and influence. We need you to be at the front of the change that empowers humanity forward on a global level. And we’re dead serious about helping you not only develop your truth but actualize it.

The Future Of MasterMinds is MasterHearts

Yes, it’s time to look beyond the mind.

I’ve always believed that we should create what we wish most existed in the world. For me, this is up there. I’m a global CEO, I’ve been apart of many, many communities, conferences, MasterMinds, networks, membership clubs – yet despite my searching high and low, I could never find a small, intimate professional network that were truly ready to lay it down, accept that professional development is personal development and that ultimately, love has everything to do with it. Leadership is an ever-evolving, imperfect, sometimes chaotic, often lonely journey – and the reality is, I know some of this pain can be truly and permanently taken away. 

Love Out Loud as a movement passionately reiterates that love is a state of being that can be operated from in all moments with enough awareness, accountability and support. Love creates more expansion, stronger clarity of vision, improved and connected relationships, altruistic thinking and creativity (to name a few). 

A loving and compassionate approach to business and leadership IS a strategy. 

The future of leadership is heart-based. In the fast changing tides of our economies and consumer behaviours, it’s important that we shift from the key drivers of power and money, to love.

This network is a high-performing network of remarkable CEO’s, thought leaders, change makers, community creators and humanitarians. It’s for the brave-hearted who are prepared to go to another level of vulnerability in their leadership.

This is my personal invitation to you; help me co-create a much needed network of leaders who Love Out Loud.

What Your Tickets Get You


Outcomes from the Training

Who the Training is for

Who the Training is not for

Modules & Guiding Questions

This Unconventional “MasterMind” is rooted in three incredibly important values; unconditional love, co-creation and authenticity. This is a space to truly bring voice to what’s actually in your way, what you actually need and want and what’s going to catapult you forward as a leader and influencer. Each day will have a central theme, as follows;

Day 1: Tell The Truth; what do you actually want and need?
Day 2: Clarity – “Get The F*** Out Of The Way”; stripping back; shed the guilt, shame, limitations and over-analysis.
Day 3: Accountability; the truth about leadership, responsibility and influence. Development of a 90 day action plan.
Day 4: Presentation; articulation of your vision and strategy.

The facilitation style will allow for focused attention on each participants pain points and challenges, and be an extremely collaborative experience.

See You At Masterheart

Your experience starts today. Connect with the Love Out Loud community, join our journey, and stay up to date with announcements and retreat information.