There’s Something About The Love Out Loud Effect.

Sure, I know you’re there thinking how biased I am. Just another CEO that’s spooking the brilliance of whatever their selling, trying to create more noise and more hype.

You know how many times I’ve had this thought about other people’s products and service? Sometimes from sheer cynicism, sometimes from complete discernment and validity. So, I get it – AND, I want you to hear me out.

There really is something about Love Out Loud. For starters, LOL was NOT in the tajectory of my life path or career prospects when I wrote the book. Actually, I had just lost the person who I thought was the love of my life, at the peak of my career in mental health and found myself completely at odds with myself. You know when you’re in that much pain, and all of a sudden you really see what’s real and what’s ego? Pain is great like that. It humbles you, it enlightens you… it forces you into a heightened state of presence.

I had a choice during that time, was I going to play victim? Or was I going to rise up and lean into whatever it was in me that somehow asked for this all. Because folks, that’s always the truth, in case you didn’t know – it’s always on the way, not in the way. So after enough weeks of self-sabotage I decided to reach in and fully feel the pain. I took myself to a conference in Spain, and as I was sitting on the coast line of Ibiza before this conference on Sex, Love and Relationships, I closed my eyes down for a 5am meditation. Boy, did I drop in. I felt myself dissipate into the sands as I fully surrendered myself; saying in my mind “have me, I will surrender to my highest potential, use me as an instrumentality for your greater plan.” Finally ready to breakthrough the pain. In this exact moment, my phone pinged; “Hi, I’m a book coach from Australia and I’ve been following your journey for many years. I really felt to reach out and tell you how strongly I feel about the prospect of you writing a book.”

Head to toe, I filled with goosebumps. My logical mind tried to fight it, but it was feeble in comparison.

Here’s the thing, Love Out Loud wrote me. It chose me, in a moment of full surrender; just like it’s chosen every single community and team member since. There’s a very magical quality to this movement, because it’s foundations involved zero force; so naturally, the methodology we use now in our trainings, seminars, circles and retreats doesn’t either. As I wrote Love Out Loud, I experienced it’s healing. Each concept, chapter by chapter, I became clear and was asked to step into my integrity, before I was able to complete the next stage. The 9 concepts that underpin Love Out Loud are simple, powerful and completely life changing. Rather than telling you how to love, we provide a space to witness you in the way love truly wants to move through you. No matter how that is, what that looks like or how uncomfortable and new it may feel.

It almost makes it sound too good to be true, right? How can ‘transformation’ be so simple, so easy? Here’s why; you are already all of it. You are already the love you seek, the potential you crave to actualise, the spirit you see in those you idolise. YOU are already it all. Our job, when you come and play with us is to provide a space where everything is possible, so YOU feel safe enough to finally be seen and heard. So you can meet yourself with clarity.

This movement is naturally contagious, because it is natural. It’s already there. This power, this technology; it’s already there. You don’t need to add anything.

In fact, you’re apart of this global movement even if you don’t consciously realise it; because love cannot be seperate (ever) from anything.

I wanted to write this article to give you an official invitation, if you’ve been looking for one, to come and play. I am proud of the absolute beauty we create in our spaces, the facilitators that are drawn to collaborate with us as we spread this movement across the world, and it’s important to me that you are constantly kept up to date. So to fill you in, here’s what we have coming up and some simple ways you can be involved;

  1. Join Our Facebook Community of 1400 (and growing) global Love Out Louders from tens of countries around the world; https://www.facebook.com/groups/loveoutloud.community/
  2. We’re running a facilitator training on the Gold Coast, for those who are wanting to expand their influence, develop their leadership and grow community. You will become a certified Love Out Loud Facilitator! BOOK HERE: https://loveoutloud.io/facilitator-training/
  3. Our next retreat in Uki! It’s best you just watch the following videos to give you some insight. APPLY HERE: https://loveoutloud.io/retreat-uki/ (10 spots left) (see videos below)
  4. Our MasterHeart in Bali (7-10 April 2020) – for leaders who are ready to look beyond the mind. APPLY HERE (this will sell out FAST – we’re also running a facilitator training in conjunction with the MasterHeart and offering discounts on those who wish to participate in both): https://loveoutloud.io/masterheart-bali/

Watch our last Uki retreat video if you’re on the fence:

Uki (Byron Bay) Retreat: NEXT RETREAT 14-17th of November

Lake Como Retreat, just to see all the magic that’s created:

You Can Watch ALL the testimonials on our YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd1IFS5rjYsPRlryv1M72kw/videos?view_as=subscriber

I want to see you join our family and discover this magic for yourself. Truly. We’re building this together; it’s our, us, we. Brother, Sister, just in case you couldn’t already feel it – I love you.

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