Love Out Loud: Think Tank

Where Expertise Meets Curiosity

Let’s talk about mental health, social impact, wellness practices and more through the stories of influential people. Dive into our live Think Tanks where we explore a range of pivotal topics with leading experts, all free to our community.

Engage with the Pioneers of Change

Our Think Tanks aren’t just discussions; they’re dynamic forums where the frontiers of health, wellness, and social leadership are explored and expanded.

Every fortnight, we feature a distinguished thought leader or expert in these vital fields, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience directly to you.

Direct Access to Thought Leaders

Live Expert Interaction

Each session provides a rare opportunity to interact live with a leading expert. This is your chance to dive deep into their insights, ask pressing questions, and gain clarity on complex topics.

Real-Time Advice and Guidance

Whether you're seeking advice on personal challenges or looking for strategic insights in your professional life, our guest experts offer guidance that's both practical and transformative.

Diverse Perspectives

From renowned health practitioners to celebrated social activists, each Think Tank introduces a new perspective, ensuring a rich and varied learning experience.

A Platform for Your Voice

Share and Learn

Our Think Tanks are designed to be interactive and inclusive. You're encouraged to share your viewpoints, experiences, and queries, making each session a truly collaborative experience.

Nicole's Facilitation

With Nicole Gibson at the helm, these sessions are skillfully guided to ensure productive and insightful conversations.

The Impact of Participation

Expand Your Network

Connect with like-minded individuals and professionals who share your passion for growth and development.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Gain cutting-edge insights that can be applied to both your personal and professional life.

Active Learning Experience

Challenge yourself with new ideas and perspectives in an environment that fosters growth and understanding.

Our Next Think Tank Event

November 10 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Private: Think Tank - Nutritional Health by Dr Someone

Join Us and Transform the Way You Think

Dive into a world where expertise and curiosity intersect. Our Think Tanks are more than just meetings; they’re incubators for growth and change.

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