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Gold Coast, Australia

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16-19 July 2020

Gymea Eco Retreat, Uki​, Australia

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Early Bird: AUD$2,495

Early Bird: AUD$2,995

3-6 December 2020​

Past Attendees have their say...​

When you wake up every day, are you jumping out of bed screaming; “FUCK YEAH! Another day!” Are you so filled with gratitude and excitement that there seems to be that sheen on everything you look at, or that notion of everything you’re touching turning to gold? Maybe you haven’t been told yet, so brace yourself. YOU ARE MAGIC. YOU ARE MADE OF LOVE. Pure, unconditional, unbreakable, infinity expansive… love. 

Yet, there’s most likely (a common side effect of living in the world as we know it) some debris… standing in your way. Some limitations, some skewed or misguided ideologies, some negative belief systems, a little rust where your discipline and inspiration should be. In the wear and tear of everyday life, like most people, maybe you’ve lost your shine. It’s okay though – because I’m here to let you know, it never truly goes away. It just gets covered up and a little bit hidden. Because to be loud, and bold, and fiercely YOU is an act that is so rarely received with the applauds that it deserves.  

See, when you’re shining your brightest light, you (without meaning to) shine a torch on other’s darkness – and without awareness, it can leave you open to attack; to be belittled, or bullied, discouraged or disempowered. And we’re going to go on that journey together. I’ve spent over a decade either recovering from the idea of my own inadequacies, or supporting hundreds of thousands of others in transcending theirs. Here’s the hard truth; insecurity is inevitable. It’s a survival mechanism ; a part of the human design. Designed to keep us safe, designed to hold us in our comfort zone. Here’s the good news; it can be transcended. You can see it for what it is, and use it as leverage and fuel to make you stronger and increasingly more anti-fragile. 

This retreat is going to be a deep dive into yourself; an unveiling. Permission to finally come ‘undone’, so you can get to the core of who it is you really are. The reason you’re on this planet. The higher purpose that will provide you access to the life of your dreams. This sort of personal development isn’t going to tell you who to be, what to do or what the seven steps to happiness are; it’s going to hold up a mirror for you to truly look at yourself, and learn to love who it is you see. It’s a lasting and sustainable transformation.. Love is not finding the perfection, it’s the unconditional permission to explore the imperfection. So let’s get exploring!

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What Your Tickets Get You​

enjoy 4 days and 3 nights at the beautiful gymea eco retreat

The Need To Knows​

Date & Arrival Times

The Retreat will begin on Thursday June 4th – until 7th. On Thursday you’re welcome to arrive anytime after 4pm to register and unpack – with the first session starting at 6pm that evening. On Sunday – the closing session will finish at 4pm (although the rooms will need to be vacated before noon).


Gymea Eco Retreat is located in Uki at 128 Bonnydoon Rd, Uki NSW 2484 It’s just a 45 minute drive inland from Coolangatta airport. We’ve created a closed Facebook group for all Retreat Goers where you can link up for carpooling opportunities


Situated at the base of Mt Warning, Gymea offers a range of beautiful eco-friendly facilities 

  • Fire Circle
  • Yoga Room
  • Healing Spa
  • Magnesium Pool
  • Rainforest Walks
  • 5 star Eco Accommodation 


Gymea Eco Retreat is a sustainable eco-resort dedicated to achieving long-lasting impact on human sustainability through the delivery of world-class sustainable learning


a 50% deposit is asked upfront, followed by final payment made at least 4 weeks prior to retreat.


We will be serving delicious vegan and gluten free food through out the entire course of the retreat. If you have any dietary concerns please let us know.

Outcomes from the Retreat

Who the retreat is for​

Who the retreat is not for

What’s Explored​

The retreat will provide you with 4 days and 3 nights to completely focus on your inner world.
There is a strong emphasis on embodiment work to ensure the content is integrated on a deep level, with a brilliant team of collaborators from ecstatic dance, yoga, naturopathy, hypnotherapy and more.

Modules & Guiding Questions



What are you really searching for you

Module 2:


What is it you truly want?

Module 3:


What terrifies you about letting go of who you think you are?

Module 4:


What are you willing to die for?

Module 5:


How does love will rise up in you?

Module 6:


How willl you birth your purpose into the world?

Module 7:


How can you alchemise your pain into beauty?

Module 8:


How can you love become your ulitimate perspective?

Module 9:


What is your quesst?

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