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Love Will Change The World

Our Vision

To Facilitate The World’s Largest Love-Based Movement.

Our Mission

That every human being is equipped with the awareness and capacity to make choices from a place of love and compassion, in real time.

Welcome to the social movement on a mission to engage 4% of the global population, shifting humanity from a state of fear into one of love. There’s a law in psyics that suggests there is a point of momentum where an idea reaches a point of critical mass. At this stage of a movements life, the rest of the population, even those who haven’t directly experienced the impact, will also begin to shift.

Love Out Loud takes this way of thinking and applies it to a bold vision for the world. What if love was no longer something that remained ullusive, intagiable or overly romanticised, but instead became a baseline for enterprise, leadership, human relations or even the very foundation of our societies?

Through our initiatives, we bring the principles of love into the material world, so that all of us can be apart of creating a loving and harmoneous world together.

We’re at a crossroads in human evolution, and as a team we recognise that it is not enough to think wishfully about the future, but instead to become active participants and imaginaries. Love Out Loud is tackling what health and education look like in the future, by combining technology with transformational content and processes that will support each of our community members to live vastly more fulfilling lives.

Theory of change

Our Dream Team

Nicole Gibson
Foundr and CEO

Sampsa Fabritius
Head of Tech

Sara Gottschalk
Head of UX/UI

Helena Sandman
Head of Research & Development

Kate Grasby
Head of Communications

Wade Foxx
Brand & Partnership Strategist

Ray Pang
Head of Marketing

Rhys Evans

Sari Stenfors
Executive Advisor

Thomas Holm
Executive Advisor

Chong Shi
Executive Advisor

Leven Shevki
Executive Advisor