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We are only ever making two choices in life; the choice of fear, or the choice of love. As soon as we become aware of how to truly choose and embody love, we become limitless.

Love Out Loud is a cutting edge global movement that’s shifting humanity’s paradigm of fear and painting a possibility. With a vision to facilitate the world’s largest love-based movement in human history, we’re engaging 4% of the global population by the end of 2020. Love is an actionable skillset that can be taught, applied and cultivated in each moment, through each person, no exceptions. It’s time we stop seeing love as a romanticised cliche, and begin to harness it’s true power to transform, heal and create.

We engage individuals, communities, governments and organisations in unique love-based methodologies, through seminars, high-level retreats, festivals, organisational/bureaucratic consultation and digital content, inspiring profound transformation. With 85% of the world experiencing loneliness every single day, suicide being one of the leading causes of death in the western world, and mental illness set to become the world’s leading health epidemic in human history, it’s time for a quantum leap. Together we can move from a fear-based perspective on life, to a perspective of expansion and co-operation. 

This movement is about us, we, our. Love Out Loud is painting a new vision for the world and human existence.

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Note from Our CEO

I get it; love can seem a little… airy. I used to think so too, until I experienced it’s absolutely unquestionable ability to transform. The most unique part of working with hundreds of thousands of people across the world, is what I get to witness over and over again; our humanity. Our raw and unchangeable nature, that regardless of who you are, where your from or what you believe, always remains present. I’ve seen time and time again the push-pull that all of us experience; this deep desire to be loved, seen and heard, yet the absolute rejection of it when it appears. 

Why? Here’s the thing; love is a state of being, not an idea. It’s an embodiment and perspective on life that’s tangible, actionable and most importantly, learnable. 
I’ve hung out in the board rooms of parliament house, through to the offices of some of the most influential people in the world, and my belief in love only gets stronger by the day. I wrote and created Love Out Loud to remind you of our truth. We are not the things we fear, or the limitations, insecurities and inadequacies that we hold on to; we are unbounded, brilliant, limitless potential that can only be truly activated when we truly learn to love ourselves.

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