According to a 2023 Horizon survey

91% of Entrepreneurs Experience
Mental Health Challenges

That Doesn't Have to Be You

Love Out Loud is Revolutionising Entrepreneurship with Emotional Health

"I'm Nicole Gibson, an Entrepreneur and CEO of Love Out Loud.

I’ve spoken on countless stages, raised capital, and led dynamic teams. But my journey wasn’t always this bright. I’ve navigated through the challenges of poor mental health to find success and fulfilment in entrepreneurship. Now, I’m here to share the tools that transformed my life and can revolutionise yours”

I can teach you how to:

But first, our journey must begin with you – with your nervous system. This is the cornerstone of everything that follows. 

When you learn to master your emotions, you lay a powerful foundation. From this place of strength and clarity, you’ll bring your ideas to life, inspire investors, connect deeply with your teams, command any stage, and pitch with unparalleled confidence.

Through my own battle with mental illness and my extensive work facilitating communities across Australia and the world, I’ve gathered invaluable insights into mental and emotional health.

I’ve realised that so many of us are chronically dysregulated, living stuck in fight or flight, often without recognising it or knowing how to address it.

My journey has equipped me with the tools and understanding necessary to bring about real and lasting change in both myself and others.

My time as a three-term Mental Health Commissioner of Australia further solidified my understanding that mainstream approaches often address symptoms, not causes.

This realisation sparked my journey to delve deeper, speaking with hundreds of health and wellness experts, and exploring alternative strategies. From this rich tapestry of experiences and knowledge, I’ve crafted the Love Out Loud philosophy.”

It’s not just about business success; it’s about starting with the core — our nervous system — and building our emotional regulation skills.

This foundation is essential for enduring mental health, resilience in the face of entrepreneurial challenges, and the ability to thrive not just in business, but in all aspects of life.

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Build resilience to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Lead with authenticity and create an inspired team.

...but most importantly.

You Will Master Your Emotions

Learn to align your nervous system to work in harmony with you. Experience the magic of creating and engaging from a place of calm and clarity, unlocking a sense of true freedom in your endeavours.

Within our community, you’ll find not just support, but a platform for transformation. We’re not just about discussions; we’re about actionable change.

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