Meet our facilitators

Patricia Mary

Trish wants to make an impact by becoming an agent of change for people suffering anxiety and depression. She is also interested in issues affecting women, their empowerment and how empowered men and boys can become conscious leaders and mentors.

Her experience as a parent while supporting her own teenage daughter through anxiety, depression and self-harm has inspired her to help other parents and their teenager.

Having been through the experience of navigating her way through the public and private health systems and her understanding of what families go through in trying to get help for their child during their time of suffering, she hopes to be a source of comfort and light in the darkness of the lives of many parents supporting their child through anxiety and depression. Realising how ‘you’ are being as a parent and knowing in hindsight what was working and what wasn’t and how you show up for your child has given her valuable insights. If she can use her own experience to help others while going through theirs. If one life is helped it will be worth it.

Trish loves the beach, nature, meditation, and practices Stillness Through Movement, a deeply restorative moving meditation. She has a Cert IV Neuro Energetic Kinesiology, Rekindled Ancient Wisdom, Neuro Stress Release, Massage Therapy and is a Reiki Master.

Trish is aiming to participate in Mindfulness Teacher Training in Germany in 2020

Her vision as a facilitator within the LOL movement is to hold the space for love and deeper understanding of self and others. To be vulnerable and share what she knows is true for her so that others can find their own truth within themselves without judgement and find a place of peace.
To Love Out Loud is to learn how to have those difficult conversations with the people in your life without fear, without the fear of judgement and with love and understanding. It only takes one person in a family to make the change to love. That love has a ripple effect for everyone in its path and has the potential to connect an entire community.

Amy Della-Torre

Amy is a creator of safety, advocate for acceptance and bringer of belonging. Amy is passionate about bringing people into a place where they feel safe to connect with others and look within. Sometimes known as Empathy Amy, she is a strong giver of empathy, and teacher of these deep communication skills. Amy believes that in order to connect with ourselves and others, we need to understand our feelings, needs and the messages our bodies tell us. 

Amy brings a gentle, warm and loving vibe to whatever she does with an element of awkward-ness and laughter. Loving Out Loud for Amy means creating safety for yourself and others in each moment. Stay tuned to see what Amy has to bring in the future.

Jen Gatt

Jen is one of those amazing human beings that you are just automatically drawn into with her infectious smile and magnetic energy. She radiates love and acceptance to all & is here now to share her true passion for everyone to find their real purpose in life. Her inspiration will guide you to make the changes within to fully expand yourself to live an exceptional life and to become the person you really can be.

Her desire & passion is for you to really feel alive by knowing & trusting yourself completely on all levels.

Jen recovered from a childhood trauma which led to a severe case of anorexia nervosa at the age of 16. She was seriously in trouble and hospitalised until she fully recovered. It was then .. where her life re-started knowing she was supported from being ‘seen & heard’ through love & understanding. This breakthrough gave Jen new thought patterns for her growth to wellbeing. It’s been a incredible life journey to learn & understand all of ‘life’s challenges’, the triggers, that we all deal with everyday. She is so passionate about everyone living to their full potential & enjoying every single moment of your life! There have been many teachers that have greatly assisted her & taught her so much over the years about what life has to offer & most importantly being involved with “Love Out Loud’ global movement of connection and awakening to more awareness.

Jen is so grateful to be part of this amazing organisation that she knows that she is in the right place and super excited & super focused about the events coming up in the future to educate people on just how to live a simple beautiful life filled with love and passion! I so look forward meeting you.

Sarah Kane

Hello beauties
My name is Sarah Kane
I’m a kiwi just moved over to the Gold Coast a few months ago.

I am passionate about changing the world through spreading love, kindness and acceptance and when I found Nicole Gibson and Love out Loud, I resonated with this love-based movement instantly!!

I LOVE the love, acceptance, self-expression and so much more that Nic, her team and Love out loud bring to the world.

My work – I am creating events in Australia and New Zealand about my journey of mental health – sharing what I have been through with depression.

I’m sharing my story I want to try and help normalise the conversation and lift the stigma around mental health.
Also, to make sure people know they are not alone, and they can get better. I also share the tools and techniques that have helped me over the years.

One of my other passions is dancing, self-expression and creativity so I am also creating workshops and classes to allow people to fully express themselves through movement.

Feel free to get in touch ♥️

Alison Brinsley

Alison is a Love out Loud Facilitator, Havening practitioner, Poet, writer; retreat facilitator, healer and founder of ‘Guardians Heart’

Alison combines her love for the human spirit with her experience in mental
& emotional wellbeing to offer her clients an authentic healing journey, that leads them to the truth of who they are.

Using a deeply therapeutic blend of Psychosensory and intuitive modalities, Alison creates a bridge of safety and reconnection to love compassion and trust.

Through her humanitarian endeavours, she advocates for the Love and safety of all Beings; her missionary work includes volunteering at Domestic Violence and Refugee Shelters, supporting the

homeless and those with disabilities; and women, men and children experiencing trauma both nationally and internationally.

As the Naked Poet, Alison creates profound intimate events, where she bares her soul & her body through channelled Words. With her inspired creative self-expression participants are invited to go deeper within themselves, to be witness to their own raw nakedness, with compassion, kindness and grace.

A powerfully evocative visionary, Alison exudes sincerity, her love for humanity evident in how she serves and engages with her peers and clients alike.

Alison Brinsley offers her unique method of healing through One on One and group facilitation and online.

Based on the Gold Coast, Alison Brinsley is a Leader in Love, believing in a world where no one has to second guess their worth. A compass towards love compassion and kindness.

Lisa Revell

Lisa resides in Queensland and has a background in Career Coaching, Human Resources, Recruitment, Corporate Scholarship Management and Facilitation.

She has worked with a number of individuals who have had their positions made redundant and supported them through very emotional times to a point where they are newly employed or self-employed and following their dreams. She has her own Career Coaching business as well as contracting to an Outplacement specialist company.

Lisa has undertaken in depth self-development practises looking at belief systems, personal values and dived deep into self-love and love of others. Through the great tribes she has joined Lisa found the Love out Loud Movement and resonated deeply with the work of Nicole Gibson and her mission to facilitate 350 million people in loving out loud. In recognising the human behaviours and patterns that keep people alone and lonely the Love out Loud movement is looking to break these patterns and return each person one by one to a place of love for self therefore in turn – love for others – at every interaction, interjection and connection with others.
Lisa is working with large and small groups as a Facilitator to support individuals and groups to Love out Loud

Nicole Schiller

What would it take for you to feel safe enough to express how you really feel? To share your inner truths, without resistance, and feel seen, heard and loved in that moment

Witness in tribe, the built up layers of fear, of letting people in, be broken down. With permission to fall apart and surrender in the process, as the fear is replaced with faith hope and love.
How are you feeling as your reading this? Have you noticed your heart beating faster?
I’m Nicole. A grateful Love out Loud facilitator from Northern NSW. I’m here to remind you of who you are and why your space in this world is so important.

My story is one of drug addiction and mental abuse. And within the story is a determined and willing woman, that did whatever it took to find herself in that dark hole, grab hold of her hand and
bring her back into the light where she felt love, acceptance and the will to live.
To Love out Loud is embrace all of emotions with your entire being, to speak without judgement and to live with humility (lack of ego). Let’s find it within you, to lean into what makes you uncomfortable. Let’s shine some

light on those shadows together. Are you in??
Someone once said to me “Life is beautiful on the other side” and that it is.

Melanie Ryan

Melanie has been inspired from her own personal life changing events to help others facing challenges in their lives with both grace and gratitude.

She is inspirational and loving in her approach to help and create change so others can live a life following their own personal dreams and truly learn to love themselves and fully embrace their authentic selves.
Melanie is a facilitator for ‘ love out loud’ philosophy and learning.

She has a passion for women’s work, conscious parenting, family violence, mental health and suicide awareness. Melanie is a passionate mum, sister, daughter, nanny and friend. Melanie works in mental health and is studying to become an NLP practitioner, timeline and hypnotherapist.

Krystle Linton

Krystle found Love Out Loud through pure synchronicity and knew from the first circle she had found her family – a community in which she felt safe to be all of herself (messy emotions and imperfections included!)

Becoming a LOL facilitator aligned well with Krystle’s desire to positively contribute to the world and intention to lead with love. After realising that chasing perfection and achieving external measures of success does not satisfy the heart or fulfil the soul, Krystle is now all about encouraging and supporting you to step away from being defined by others perceptions and step wholeheartedly into your self-sovereignty.

She loves to strip things back in order to see and feel the beauty in nature and in life expressing itself through you. She loves to challenge status quo ideals and definitions of success in order for you to move away from self-analysis and into self-expression. Let’s move away from separation, comparison and suffering alone and walk towards healing together.

There is no right and wrong, just creation. And Krystle is here to remind you of your undeniable magic.

Kyla Sippel

Kyla came to Love Out Loud after searching for a community that was aligned with her values around equality and acceptance. She registered interest with Love Out Loud and within the first phone call with the team she signed up to do the facilitator training.

Kyla has expressed that the greatest learnings from the facilitator training is the awareness of self and others and how it has changed her capacity to step up and be accountable from a place of courage and moving through fear based thinking.

Moving forward Kyla is focused on sharing the movements values through the corporate space and being an advocate for this work in corporate business.

Holding circles for the community is also a passion and creating magical safe space for all involved.

Paula Doughty

Paula stumbled upon Nicole on Facebook one day (where all great love stories begin…) and found her speaking words that she really needed to hear that day. From here, Paula downloaded the book, “Love Out Loud” and attended the LOL retreat in November.

This journey has been life-altering (in the best possible way!), so it was only natural that she wanted to share the love in her business and with everyone she comes into contact with.

Paula completed Facilitator Training in January and is so humbled and grateful to be part of this epic movement that is going to change the world.

David Gawler

I have always been a big believer in love. It is so simple yet so complex. The name of the movement, Love Out Loud, allured me to look further into what it meant & what it represented. My first Love Out Loud experience was at a self-love retreat at Gymea Eco Retreat in Uki, and my life has not been the same ever since.

Love Out Loud connected me back to myself, my worth & my soul purpose. My medicine is philosophy & wisdom, reflecting which that you already have. I am a strong believer in there being only one moment in time that exists; it is where your true self & your true potential lie.

I am here to guide, ground you & stand by you in your truth. In the name of love, I am a facilitator of Love Out Loud.

Carol Robinson

Hello beautiful souls! I am Carol Robinson; mother, nature lover, adventurer, business owner and a very proud facilitator for the Love Out Loud Movement.

Like many others, my life story involves challenges, courage, resilience, adversity and love. I have traveled the world, parented children, reconnected with my biological family, managed businesses, navigated a relationship breakdowns and endured heartbreak. During my many years of growth I rediscovered myself, via love. Love for myself. Climbing to the very top of my own mountain, only to slide back down a little and then climb back up again and repeat over… it is a journey that I would not change as it has made me the person I am today.

I am very passionate about helping others to understand that we all have mountains to climb and it is up to us how we choose to react to the challenges along the way. Making choices from a place of love, not fear, can make you feel vulnerable… choosing to be courageous is where the growth is. I can show you how to be carried along, with the least resistance and not feel that you have to push your way through life. Life is beautiful.

Crossing paths with Nicole Gibson and the Love Out Loud Movement has enriched my life. Becoming a facilitator has enabled me to provide a safe space for others to connect, be acknowledged and to learn about love. Love for yourself and love for others. I can help with individuals consultations, facilitate small and large groups as well as being a motivational speaker for your event.

We are all one and I hope to cross paths with you soon. Prepare to receive a hug XX