An Exclusive 9-Week Journey to Self Love

Learn How To Stop Living Life Accidently

& Learn The How To Live By Design

Maybe you’re experiencing an inability to respond rather than react to life. Perhaps you know there’s more you’re capable of, you’re just not quite sure what steps to take, how to get there or who’s walked the path before you for you to lean on and learn from.


Do you feel a sense of “same shit, different day?” Do you feel a strong evolutionary pull somewhere, but you’re just not quite sure where? Are you sick of ending up in the same round-a-bout conversations in your mind, or similar conflicts in your relationships? Love Out Loud’s 9 phase process is designed to support you in becoming completely clear, aware and sovereign in your ability to navigate life – and it begins with loving yourself. 

Does it ever feel like you’re completely out of control of your emotions, relationships and life direction ?


It’s time to learn to love yourself, for real this time.

Love Out Loud is simple; it breaks life down for you in a way anyone can understand and apply. There’s only ever two ways our decision making is ever directed; fear or love. At the moment, if you’re feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied, if you’re feeling small, hesitant or inadequate, fear is in the driver’s seat of your life. And up until now, that’s been okay. After all, fear is important – when our life depends on it. However, the reality is there’s a far more expansive way to live our lives and navigate our destiny. Learning how to embody and choose love will change your life in ways that are far beyond measurement.  The Love Out Loud 9 Week Course will take you on a journey from fear, into love. It will ignite free will again; spontaneity, determination, ambition and an excitement for life. It will deepen your ability and capacity to connect and love. It will return to you the quality of life you were always destined to have.
Take back control of your state of being and your direction in life. 

Your Instructor

Nicole Gibson

Nicole is known as a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, but she prefers to be seen as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential, impacting over 300 million people worldwide with her unconventional models of community development and transformation.

Currently, she is the CEO of the global movement, Love Out Loud, engaging 4% of the global population by the end of 2020, successfully facilitating the world’s largest love-based movement. Drawing upon 10 years of theatre training as the basis, she developed her own facilitation methods early on. At 18 years of age, Nicole established a non-profit in youth mental health and community capacity-building, engaging tens of thousands of young people across Australia and the UK, in unconventional conversations of vulnerability, self-love, vision, and connection. All of this was inspired after a terrifying lived experience with Anorexia Nervosa.

After completing a significant national tour, at 20 years old, Nicole was a finalist for the Young Australian of the Year and listed as one of Australia’s top 100 most influential women at 21, shortly after taking out the Pride of Australia Medal. She’s been featured in The Financial Review, made the cover of the Yellow Pages, launched her debut book Love Out Loud, and had a documentary aired on prime-time national TV.

Nicole has made a vast impact in the health and education landscape in Australia, and served as the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner for Health in history, advising

directly to the Australian Federal Health Minister and Prime Minister.

In Masterheart, Nicole will guide you through what it means to unleash your vision and lead with love.

As seen in

Some of the lives we've impacted

Nicole was absolutely unwilling to accept the status quo. Unwilling to accept ‘that’s just the way things are’. She was going to change it. She embodies unstoppable. I felt my cynicism dissipating and my own passions fire up in the presence of her love and compassion for humanity, and her grab-your-sword warrior-hood for people having a voice and loving their lives. I’ll have what she’s having. Wow!
Emerging Voices Leader QLD
Being in the same room as Nicole Gibson was being in the presence of a Big Bang. Not only the room, but the world seemed bigger and continued to grow bigger around her. The rawness and realness of this misleadingly petite woman was a bombshell. Shocking because it’s so rare!
Audience Member
Conference for Mental Health Nurses
Your talk moved people to tears. There was a shift in my thinking after your presentation. Your inspirational words woke up the entire room to how our current response to mental illness is not working. What I took home was the current system needs tweaking. Every mental health worker should have training from you to see the illness for what it is; no stigma, just love.
Simone Gillam
Sustainable Communities Conference, Port Lincoln South Australia
There’s few people in this world who really give a damn. And there’s even fewer that have the ability to make others give a damn. Like really give a damn. I’m talking next level give a damn. I’m talking next level soul touching, humanity loving, peace driving, brain energising, freedom giving, give a damn. Nicole makes you feel like you are important, and that you matter, and that you're worth giving a damn about. And she makes you feel like what you believe in, love and trust is important and matters and is worth giving a damn about.
Craig Burns
Commonwealth Games Olympium

Why I created
the course

In 2014 I became the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner in history (I was 21). I had a spare room in the house I owned dedicated to my awards, and was the head of a successful non-profit. I thought I had overcome the constant need to be the best, and I believed I had true, meaningful relationships in my life. Instagram, Facebook and my email inbox made me feel good. I had hundreds of strangers telling me everyday just how great I was. What I failed to notice, though, were the true ways I was dealing with the stress, the pressure and the piercing fear of failure.

A succession of wine, achievement, more achievement and another failed relationship, I began to realise the way fear was dominating my life. Fear of being alone, fear of being misunderstood, fear of not getting it right. The list goes on. Irrespective of my great success, I still hadn’t learnt to truly be with myself and love who I was. In fact, I was terrified to be alone. I just had a sophisticated and elaborate version of escapism, which was constantly validated by the outside; not too dissimilar to the cage I had built in the confines of a life-threatening eating disorder experienced earlier in life.

It wasn’t until a debilitating heartbreak, coupled with an arduous solo journey through the mountains in Peru that I began to piece together the truth I had seen throughout my career and personal journey; nothing we ever pursue in life has any legitimate foundations without self love.

Everything looked so pretty, yet when I was left alone in my hotel rooms after fancy conferences and business lunches, I couldn’t stand myself. Paranoid by what might be, and terrified of looking at past traumas. Perplexed at how anyone could truly love me, and in a total distrust of anyone’s intentions.

I found a way out. I surrendered to the unknown, walked away from my organisation, finished my final term as a Commissioner, forfeited my Platinum velocity membership, and threw myself into a place and space where I was nothing and no one. I discovered who I actually was – who we all are. Unlimited, unconditional, absolutely limitless… love. Bound by nothing and no one.

Through my journey I discovered that self love isn’t a fluffy idea birthed out of unicorns and rainbows. Self love is a practice and a skill, achievable for everyone – no exceptions. It can be made tangible, practical and palpable. It’s something we can learn and become better at. I found a way out of fear, out of insecurity, out of anxiety – out of the darkness – and once I started to discover it, I just couldn’t keep it to myself. I had to break it down, write it out, put it into a methodology that works and genuinely changes lives. I compiled everything I had learnt after working with 300 000 people across the world, into a formula that is as easy as 1,2,3.

How this course will help you...

Love Out Loud is simple; it breaks life down for you in a way anyone can understand and apply. There’s only ever two ways our decision making is ever driven; out of love or fear. At the moment, if you’re feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied – if you’re feeling small, hesitant or inadequate, I can almost guarantee you you’re making your choices from fear.

And that’s okay – fear is important – when our life depends of it. But the reality is, applying fear in these ways, is robbing you of your life in ways you can’t even recognise right now.

Love Out Loud will coach you through and out of this. It will gift you the ability to have free will again; spontaneity, determination, ambition and an excitement for life. It will deepen your ability and capacity to connect and love. It will return to you the quality of life you were always destined to have.

Video Introduction to the course

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What You’ll Learn

Practical Life-Hacks

We all know what its like to leave a yoga class and feel completely enlightened, but how easy is it for everything to turn when you come home and your roommate hasn’t done the dishes or you open your emails and the anxiety hits?
The program will teach you how to use mindfulness when it really counts. It takes the hype away from meditation and spiritual practices that are often vague and shrouded in mystery and teaches you how to really harness these tools for everyday use rather than just isolated blocks of time.

Really get to know what YOU want

What do you really want? It’s such a simple question but it can feel impossible to answer. The course will help you uncover layers to help you find out what it is you truly want in life. Once you’ve identified these desires you’ll learn the tools to help you stay strong in achieving your dreams.

Design your own life

By discovering what you truly want you can learn how to design your own life. The course will teach you how to differentiate between what you’ve been told you want through society and parental conditioning, and what it is you truly want. By discovering this you will learn how to build your own life and have the confidence and conviction to create whatever kind of life it is you desire

Digestible Information

Science suggests that after 20 minutes we lose our ability to concentrate on new information, and in the modern day context, where we are constantly bombarded, millennial’s are said to have a 5-6 minute attention span. For this reason, the course has been broken down into just 5-10 minute videos, with 24-hour challenges set each day to reinforce the day’s lesson, along with some time set aside for reflection and journaling.
The course suits any entry level no matter what stage you are at in your life. It is there to expand your awareness at your rate and allows you to go as deep you are ready to take it.

The Science of Love

Studies show that when we are experiencing love our brain is actually at peak performance. We all know that feeling of freshly falling in love where life suddenly becomes more exciting and enticing. We’ve been taught to believe that feeling can only be found in another, and worse yet, that maintaining that state is out of our control. We’ve been taught that its just lust that will fade over time. Love Out Loud will teach you how to find that state for yourself and within yourself. It will help you design your own roadmap so that you can find your own unique way back to love.

Set real goals.

How many times have you written down a goals list only to forget about it weeks later. Have you given up altogether on writing goals because you feel like you can never attain them? Love Out Loud will teach you how to set goals that you are genuinely emotionally invested in. You’ll learn to fall in love with your goals, and be so enthused by them that discipline will become a by-product of doing what you really love.


When you purchase the program, you will be ‘drip-fed’ the content… which means that each week for 8 weeks you’ll be getting a new video 5 days a week, plus bonus content.

Each video is followed by a 24 hour challenge, to help you integrate the information you’re learning.

Your first module will ‘unlock’ 7 days after you pay for the course… which gives you a chance to MASTER Module 1.

Then when you’re ready to move onto the next module, it will become available to you in your Teachable dashboard.

To get started you can click on one of the orange ‘preview’ buttons below, or you can scroll to the bottom and sign up for the full version of the program!


Just 15 minutes a day, 5 x per week over 9 months

Minute video to watch
Minutes journelling
Hour challenge for the day

Lesson Modules

AKA The Stuff that will change your life

The program is divided up into 9 modules, with each module dedicated to exploring the following concepts. The modules will educate and encourage you to inquire deeply on specific areas of your life that are so often overlooked.

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4


Module 5


Module 6


Module 7


Module 8


Module 9


After you have taken the time to dive deep into each module and question – I believe you will be a different person at the end of the program.

You’ll have different view points and beliefs about LOVE, and you’ll start making better and more empowering choices to create the kind of life, situations & relationships you truly desire…

The possibilities are endless.


What You Get When You Start Today

What's Included​

Love Out Loud: The Book

A copy of Nicole’s debut Book, Love Out Loud (LOL).
Value $19.95


Get a digital copy of Nicole Gibson’s book Love Out Loud (LOL). This will be in PDF format so you can read it on your tablet, computer, laptop or smartphone.
Value $19.99

9 Week Online Course

The online program spans over 9 weeks, with each week focusing on a different concept through daily bite-sized videos and challenges.
The course is designed to help you realise limiting beliefs and to take you through a process of internal reflection to eventually bring you to a place of self-acceptance and shedding of old identities.
The course will then take you through concepts such as creativity to help you understand how new beliefs are able to be formed and maintained.
The course will give you the tools to help you design your own life so that you can fall in love with life again.
Value $997

Purchase Options

One-off Payment​


One-off Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

– sick of letting your pride steal your show?

– are you done with giving your power away to false gurus?

– are you stick of trying to become enlightened?

– are you done with spiritual ego?

– are you done with out-spiritual-ing your other spiritual friends?

– ready to embrace the entire human experience, not just love and light?

– want to cure your spiritual superiority complex?

– are you finding your not quite high vibe enough to hang with the high vibers?

– ready to not take enlightenment so seriously?

– ready to reprogram your life?

– are you tired of living life accidentally?

– are you tired of not knowing or asserting your boundaries and trust?


– are you tired of not knowing how to grow as a human being?

– are you sick of intellectualising your emotions?

– is your heart ready to lead the way?

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