Love as a Global Force: Nicole guest stars on ‘Shape the System’ podcast

We are thrilled to share an enriching and inspiring conversation between our Founder Nicole Gibson, and the hosts of the Shape the System Podcast, an independent podcast series supported by KPMG High Growth Ventures. In this enlightening episode, Nicole explores Love Out Loud’s mission and vision, delving into the essence of love, identity, and the role technology plays in enhancing human connection.

Why Listen?

Whether you’re well-acquainted with Love Out Loud’s vision or just embarking on this journey with us, Nicole’s conversation is an invitation to reevaluate our perceptions of love, fear, identity, and how we interact with the world.

By listening to this episode, you’ll not only reconnect with Love Out Loud’s mission but also be inspired to think differently, act courageously, and love profoundly.

This is not just an interview; it’s a roadmap to living love out loud. It’s a chance to be part of a movement that sees love not as a mere emotion but as a force for global change.

The Love Out Loud Mission (0:00):

Nicole introduces Love Out Loud, our purpose-driven initiative to reach 350 million people globally, reflecting 4% of the population, and redefine love’s impact on creativity, inclusivity, and holistic well-being.

Demystifying the Myth of Romantic Love (2:37):

Love is more than romance. Nicole unravels how love is a state of being that can transcend boundaries and foster greater human connection.

Happiness Amidst Adversity (9:35):

Learn how fear and hyper-vigilance impact mental health and how transforming identity is key to emerging with strength and resilience.

The Journey of Identity (12:51):

Identity and ego are deeply intertwined. Nicole discusses their influence on personal growth and coherence.

Transformative Power of Love (18:15):

Reflecting on her 12-year journey, Nicole shares how her radical belief in love has led to unexpected transformations in communities.

Emotional Freedom in Business (27:03):

Understand why emotional awareness accounts for 80% of human decision-making and how it’s central to problem-solving.

Love Out Loud and Technology (35:51):

Discover how Love Out Loud leverages technology to drive a global movement through education, training, and compassionate conversations.

Redefining Mental Health (38:37):

Nicole talks about mental health as a universal concern and how AI and compassion are redefining the way we approach well-being.

Love, Power, and Compassion (43:03):

A deeper exploration into love’s relationship with power and compassion, and how understanding this dynamic can enrich our lives.

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